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  Feature Articles:

Bryce Point, by Bob HerbstFundamentals of Temperaprint

by Peter Fredrick

This dichromate-based process allows printing
in color with egg tempera.

Lumarc HID UnitTri-Color Gum with Cyanotype

by Sam Wang

Gorgeous color images and a complete how-to.

Bryce Point, by Bob HerbstThe Effects of Pyro Stain in Platinum Printing

by Bob Herbst

Demonstrates that a longer printable scale is obtainable with pyro negatives for both platinum and silver printing.

After Edvard Munch, by Chris Anderson Mordanšage

by Christina Z. Anderson

Arcane bleach-etch process.

Photograph by Wynn WhiteVandyke Notes

by Wynn White

One of the simplest and most rewarding of the so-called alternative processes.  A complete how-to article.

Duo-tone solarizationPrint Solarization:
The Sabatier Effect in Printing

by Ed Buffaloe

Latest theory on the Sabatier Effect, & practical details on how to solarize contemporary papers, developers to use, etc.

     More Articles:   

                Historic/Alternative Processes:
Alternative Process Quick Start   (Joe Lipka)
The Bromoil Acid Bath
The Bromoil Soft Ink Technique Demonstrated by RenÚ Smets
A Carbon Symposium - Some Contemporary Printers   (Sandy King)
The Carbon Transfer Process   (Sandy King)
Casein Bichromate  (E. J. Theisen)
The Chrysotype Reinvented   (Richard Eugene Puckett)
Cyanotype and other Non-Silver Ferric Processes
Dry Print Out with Platinum and Palladium    (Richard Eugene Puckett)
Enlarged Negatives Using APHS Ortho Film & Pyro Developer   (Bob Herbst)
Ferric Silver Formulae - Vandyke & Kallitype
Fundamentals of Temperaprint   (Peter Fredrick)
Getting Started in Wetplate Collodion Photography   (Joseph Smigiel)
Gold Toning Vandyke Brown Prints      (Sandy King)
A Guide to Platinum Printing      (Joe Lipka)
Gum Over Platinum   (Clay Harmon)
How to make a Simple Silver-Based Photographic Emulsion   (T. Holsinger)
An Interview with Robb Kendrick, Master Tintypist
Less is More - Negatives by Reversal
Making Kallitype Prints   (Sandy King)
Making P.O.P. (Printing Out Paper)   (Liam Lawless)
Mordanšage (Christina Z. Anderson)
The Mummies of Guanajuato: An Interview with Robb Kendrick
Photopolymer Printing    (Jim Read)
Preliminary Notes on Bromoil
Salted Paper Formulae
Three Color Gum Taylor Made      (Lear Levin)
Tri-color Gum with Cyanotype      (Sam Wang)
Vandyke Notes      (Wynn White)
Uranium   (Robert W. Schramm)
The ULF-28 Contact Printing Exposure System (Sandy King)
Ultraviolet Light Sources for Printing with the Alt. Processes (Sandy King)
UV Light Box Construction

                Film and Film Developers:
Appreciating Rodinal
Basic Film Processing Technique
A Densitometer for Reading Pyro Negatives  (Bob Herbst)
Cerium Bleach Diapositives (Harvey Yurow)
Development by Inspection
Divided D-23  (Joseph Lipka)
Eastman 5369 as a Replacement for Tech Pan   (Harvey Yurow)
The Effects of Pyro Stain in Platinum Printing   (Bob Herbst)
Introduction to Pyro Staining Developers   (Sandy King)
LIRF is Lurking at Your F-Stop   (Patrick Gainer)
Mixing Developers  - Photographic chemistry
Monochrome Photographic Diapositives   (Harvey Yurow)
Mortensen Revisited - A Technical Evaluation
Perfection XR-1 Formula?
Permanganate Bleach Re-Reversal    (Harvey Yurow)
Preservation of Ascorbate Developers   (Patrick Gainer)
Pyrocat-HD, A Phenidone-Pyrocatechin Developer
Rotary Processing   (John Hicks)
Selective Reversal: A New Path to Photo Abstraction   (Harvey Yurow)
The Synergism Between Phenidone and Ascorbic Acid   (Patrick Gainer)
Testing Pyrocat-HD   (Clay Harmon)
The Waterhouse Effect - Equidensity Photographic Images   (Harvey Yurow)
Vitamin C Developers   (Patrick Gainer)

                Printing and Finishing:
Amidol Formulae
Archival Processing
Azo and Amidol   (Bob Herbst)
Azo - Chloride Contact Paper for Large Format
Azo - Tests    (Dhananjay Nayakanakuppam)
Bergger Paper and the Sabatier Effect
Blue Toning    (Liam Lawless)
Collecting and Developing Antique Photographic Paper    (Harvey Yurow)
A Conservator’s View of Dry Mounting   (Barbara Lemmen)
Double Toning Prints
Duotone Border Depletion Solarization
Flashing for Greater Mid-Tone Contrast w/ Multicontrast Papers (S. Sherman)
Hand Coloring Photographs   (Judith Monroe)
Latent Image Bleaching
Lith Printing... An Introduction   (Tim Rudman)
Lith Printing Materials Update   (Tim Rudman)
Old Photographic Papers
Print Solarization - The Sabatier Effect in Printing
Pyro Plus Paper Developer   (Donald Miller)
Solution Physical Development - An Experimenter’s Delight    (Harvey Yurow)
Split-Toning Part I:  Background & Historical Antecedents    (Jonathan Bailey)
Split-Toning Part II:  Processes & Procedures   (Jonathan Bailey)
A Study in Green (Green Prints)   (Harvey Yurow)
Testing Gold Protective Solution   (Liam Lawless)
Testing Kodak Selenium Toner   (Liam Lawless
Tips & Tricks for Blue Toning   (Liam Lawless)
Tips on Printing


A Basic Library for Photographic Experimenters    (Harvey Yurow)
Coffee Can Pinhole Camera
Emotion in Photographs - the Landscape Nude   (Norm La Coe)
Emotion in Photographs - the Landscape Nude, Part 2   (Norm La Coe)
Estimating Exposure
Exposure Calculator for Pinhole Exposures
Filter Factors for Black & White Panchromatic Film
Hardening Solutions for Film and Paper
How to Make a Pinhole
Photography at the Crossroads - Whither Analog?       (Harvey Yurow)
Rob Kendrick & the Mummies of Guanajuato: An Interview

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