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Information on how to make ultraviolet exposure units for alternative process work is available in various places on the web and in several books, but not many of them have actual photographs, so I took the opportunity to photograph this unit which was made over ten years ago by Jeff Fletcher.  The unit measures approximately 30 inches by 24 inches by 7 inches externally and contains twelve 24 inch black light fluorescent tubes and 6 ballasts.  The nice thing about this UV light box is that it was designed to be portable and has extendable legs. My guess is that it weighs about 35 pounds.  It’s bulky, but manageable. Most of these pictures can be clicked on for a more detailed image. 

I recently constructed a new darkroom and built one of these UV exposure units into it.  Using Jon Edwards’ plans and these photographs I was able to wire it with no problem. I priced the F20T12.BL UV bulbs locally and they were about $13 each, but I found them at TopBulb.Com for $8.75.  I bought the RL-2SP20-TP ballasts from Atlanta Light Bulbs for $12.50 each.  Sockets were $1.70 for a package of two at Home Depot.  Total cost: less than $250.

Additional Resources

New Dimensions in Photo Imaging, by Laura Blacklow - complete instructions.
Building a UV Light Source, by Jon Edwards - instructions and diagrams.
LED UV Exposure Box, by Electro Bob.
An Ultra-Violet Exposure Frame, by John D. Upton - for making printed circuits.

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