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Green Man, Patzcuaro, by Ed BuffaloePattern Language
Life as Art
Significant Form
The Nature of Art
Ontological Antitheses

Photography and Art
Art and Science
Memory and Imagination
Subjective and Objective
Analog Aesthetic



Not being an expert in pattern language, I am merely dabbling.  However, the idea of the pattern language struck me as a wonderful paradigm for keeping track of my notes on photography, visual communication, the philosophy of symbolic forms, media, memetics, the history of ideas, and whatever else crosses my path. Perhaps it will be useful to others who are likewise lost in a sea of information. I started with “Life as Art”--a reflection of my belief that creativity enriches our lives and makes us whole.  Where I have been unable to formulate a pattern, I have contented myself with simply collecting quotations, units of information.

There is a connexion between the idea of a pattern, as I am utilizing it, and McLuhan’s idea of a ‘galaxy’ of information. “The Gutenberg Galaxy develops a mosaic or field approach to its problems.  Such a mosaic image of numerous data and quotations in evidence offers the only practical means of revealing causal operations in history.” (P. 7)


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