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  • Mirror“Two kinds of photographers, reflecting the double aspect of photography made the earliest images; on the one hand there were chemists, optics engineers and all those who liked to dabble in science; on the other, former painters and art students. Yet it is by no means easy to distinguish the products of one intention—to record the visible world—from the products of the other—to create beautiful pictures.” Alan Thomas, Time in a Frame, p. 18.
  • “Photography, which is the first and only important contribution thus far of science to the arts, finds its raison d’ętre, like all media, in a complete uniqueness of means. This is an absolute unqualified objectivity.”  --Paul Strand, “Photography,” in Jonathan Green, Camera Work, A Critical Anthology, (New York: Aperture, 1973), p. 326.
  • “This new tinge to modern minds is a vehement and passionate interest in the relation of general principles to irreducible and stubborn facts.  All the world over and at all times there have been practical men, absorbed in “irreducible and stubborn facts’: all the world over and at all times there have been men of philosophic temperaments who have been absorbed in the weaving of general principles.  It is this union of passionate interest in the detailed facts with equal devotion to abstract generalisation which forms the novelty in our present society."” --Alfred North Whitehead, Science and the Modern World, p. 3.


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