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History and Appreciation of Photography

Burning With Desire:  The Conception of Photography
by Geoffrey Batchen

Burning With Desire

In Focus:
William Henry Fox Talbot

by William Henry Fox Talbot
Introduction by Deborah Ann Gribbon and Larry J. Schaaf

In Focus:  William Henry Fox Talbot

Pictorialism in California:
Photographs 1900-1940

by Reed Wilson, Michael G. Wilson, & Dennis Reed

Seizing the Light:
A History of Photograph
by Robert Hirsch

The Silver Canvas: Daguerreotypes
Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Bates & Isabel Lowry

Pictorialism into Modernism:
The Clarence H. White School of Photography

by Clarence H. White, Bonnie Yochelson, Kathleen A. Erwin, & Marianne Fulton

Edward Steichen: The Royal Photographic Society Collection
by Edward Steichen & Sabina Cortese

Occam’s Razor: An Outside View of Contemporary Photography
by Bill Jay

Looking at Photographs

by John Szarkowski

Pictorialism in California
Seizing the Light
The Silver Canvas
Pictorialism into Modernism
Edward Steichen
Occam's Razor
Looking at Photographs

Stieglitz on Photography: His Selected Essays and Notes
by Alfred Stieglitz
edited by Richard Whelan and Sarah Greenough

Stieglitz on Photography

by John Szarkowski


Paul Strand
by Paul Strand and Calvin Tomkins

Paul Strand

In Our Time: The World as Seen by Magnum Photographers
by William Manchester, Jean Lacouture, and Fred Ritchin

In Our Time

Andre Kertesz:
His Life and Work

Pierre Borhan, Editor
and Andre Kertesz

Moving Out
by Robert Frank

Moving Out

Keith Carter Photographs: Twenty-five Years
by Keith Carter

How to Use Your Eyes
by James Elkins

Art and Fear
An Artist’s Survival Guide
by David Bayles and Ted Orland

Beauty in Photography
by Robert Adams

Beneath an Open Sky:
Panoramic Photographs

by Gary Irving

A New History of Photography

A New History of Photography
by Michel Frizot, Pierre Albert, and Colin Harding

Hill & Adamson

In Focus:  Hill & Adamson
J. Paul Getty Museum

Impressionist Camera

Impressionist Camera:
Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918

ed. by Phillip Prodger, Patrick Daum, and Francis Ribemont

Gustave Le Gray

Gustave le Gray:

by Sylvie Aubinas &
Gordon Baldwin

Robert Demachy

Robert Demachy 1859-1936:
Photographs & Essays

by Robert Demachy

Used only.

After the Photo-Secession

After the Photo-Secession:
American Pictorial Photography 1910-1955

by Christian A. Peterson

Steichen's Legacy

Steichen’s Legacy
Photographs by Edward Steichen
Edited by Joanna Steichen

On Being a Photographer

On Being A Photographer:
A Practical Guide

by Bill Jay and David Hurn

Crisis of the Real

Crisis of the Real: Writings on Photography Since 1974
by Andy Grundberg


OverExposed: Essays on Contemporary Photography
Intro by Carol Squiers

Edward Weston: Forms of Passion

Edward Weston:
Forms of Passion

by Gilles Mora (Ed.), John T. Hill,
 and Theodore E. Stebbins
(300+ duotones)

Edward Weston:
His Life

by Ben Maddow

The Mind's Eye

The Mind’s Eye:  Writings on Photography and Photographers
by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Deus ex Machina
by Ralph Gibson

The Americans
by Robert Frank
Intro by Jack Kerouac

Places of Power

Places of Power
by John Sexton

Photography and
The Art of Seeing

by Freeman Patterson

Tone Poems
by Bruce Barnbaum

Photographing the
World Around You

by Freeman Patterson

Silent Screens:  The Decline and Transformation of the American Movie Theater
by Michael Putnam

Technical Books on Photography

Alternative Processes

Fine Art Nudes

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