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My Name is Red
by Orhan Pamuk

Multifaceted book set in the Ottomon Empire of the 16th century.

translated by Seamus Heaney

Award-winning translation of the classic text.

The Inquisitor
by Catherine Jinks

Historical mystery set in the 14th century.

All the Pretty Horses
by Cormac McCarthy

National Book Award winner, 1992.

Blood Meridian
by Cormac McCarthy

...subverts the conventions of the Western novel and the mythology of the "wild west."

Conversation in the Cathedral
by Mario Vargas Llosa

A novel mostly told in dialogue by a master storyteller.

House of Sand and Fog
by Andre Dubus III

Oprah Book Club selection.

Visons of Cody
by Jack Kerouac

An underground legend.

The Dharma Bums
by Jack Kerouac

Meet Gary Snyder in the 50’s as seen through Kerouac’s eyes.

The Bridge in the Jungle
by B. Traven

The first of six “jungle” novels by the famous anarchist.

Master and Commander
by Patrick O’Brian

First volume of perhaps the finest historical novel ever written.

The Bridge on the Drina
by Ivo Andric

Nobel prize for literature in 1961.

by Saul Bellow

“...a great novel.”

The Corrections
by Jonathan Franzen

National Book Award winner, 2001.

Shadow Prey
by John Sandford

The best series of detective thrillers in years.

The Blind Assassin
by Margaret Atwood

"Nothing is more difficult than to understand the dead...but nothing is more dangerous than to ignore them."

My Name is Red Atonement
The Inquisitor
St. Agatha's Breast
All the Pretty Horses The Border Trilogy
Blood Meridian Damascus Gate
Conversation in the Cathedral Red Rabbit
House of Sand and Fog
Drowning Ruth
Visions of Cody On the Road
The Dharma Bums Big Sur
The Bridge in the Jungle The Carreta
Master and Commander The Reverse of the Medal
The Bridge on the Drina
I, Claudius
The Last Samurai
Connections Back Roads
Shadow Prey The Devil's Code
The Blind Assassin Timeline

by Ian McEwan

Latest from the Booker Prize winner.

by Gore Vidal

Vidal’s best work & one of the best historical novels ever written.

St. Agatha’s Breast
by T.C. Van Adler

“...wickedly funny and utterly irreverent...”

The Border Trilogy
by Cormac McCarthy

“...hauntingly beautiful...”

Damascus Gate
by Robert Stone

Offbeat and eclectic novel set in Jerusalem.

Red Rabbit
by Tom Clancy


Drowning Ruth
by Christina Schwartz

“A beautifully written mystery...”

On the Road
by Jack Kerouac

His most famous book has been described as “one of the most important novels of the century.”

Big Sur
by Jack Kerouac


The Carreta
by B. Traven

Traven opens the mind.”

The Reverse of the Medal
by Patrick O’Brian

Volume 11.

I, Claudius
by Robert Graves

A compelling mix of history, biography and fiction.

The Last Samurai
by Helen Dewitt

“...about the pleasure of ideas...”

Back Roads
by Tawni O’Dell

Oprah Book Club selection.

The Devil’s Code
by John Sandford

Well-written, intelligent, and satisfying.

by Michael Crichton

Time travel from the master of science-based fiction.

Possession:  A Romance by A.S. Byatt is  a modern literary masterpiece.  Antonia Susan Byatt has Possession: A Romancewritten a novel in a class with the best work of Joyce, Hemingway, and Faulkner.  The story begins with a modern researcher discovering evidence that his favorite Victorian poet, known to have been happily married, may have had an affair.  In seeking to identify the woman involved in the affair, he discovers that her great-grand-daughter is alive and an author in her own right.  Together they unravel the mystery of the long-hidden relationship, and in the process fall in love themselves.  The contrast between the romantic atmosphere of the Victorian era and the peculiar and uncertain modalities of modern relationships is poignant.  The end is a revelation.  Possession is one of the most satisfying books I have read in years--Ms. Byatt is a true master (or should I say mistress?) of the English language.


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