Unblinking Eye
5x7 wetplate holder

Figure 4.  A conventional 5x7 sheet film holder converted to wetplate use.  The holder septum has been partially removed to accommodate a -plate glass sheet.  Small triangular corners have been added to the front of the septum.  The corners provide support for the glass plate loaded from the back.  A small piece of sheet film is also glued between the corner and septum in order to have the surface of the loaded glass plate coincide exactly with the normal sheet film focal plane.  Notches have been added to the cutout area to facilitate inserting and removing the plate from the holder.  The flaps at the base of the holder have also been glued shut.  A thin plastic “spring” of material cut from a milk carton (not shown) is used between the back of the plate and the rear darkslide in order to keep the plate in place during exposure.

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