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Post-Factory Photography is certainly the best underground do-it-yourself alternative-process photography magazine on the planet, containing no end of arcane information. The magazine quickly becomes an indispensable reference for anyone interested in alternative processes.

Post-Factory Photography is edited by Judy Siegel and published by Post-Factory Press, 61 Morton Street, New York, NY 10014. A four-issue subscription is $24.  (Please add $6 for overseas airmail and $10 airmail to the Pacific and Asia.)  Editions are limited, so get them while they last.  E-mail: info@post-factory.org.

For a time I was trying to review each issue as it came out, but I am hopelessly behind now, so I thought I would just try to provide a list of the major articles in each issue.

Number 1.

  • Art Processes in Photography, by Puyo and Demachy (reprint from the Photo Club de Paris, 1906).
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Computer, by Carmen Lizardo.  Fine art scanner.
  • Gum Control, Part I, by Judy Seigel.
  • Quantum Mechanic/Quantum Magic, by Bob Schramm.  He tests 4 Vandyke brown formulas.
  • Sens and Sensitometry
  • Number 2

  • Alternative as Mainstream.
  • Annals of Gum Control, Number 2, by Judy Seigel.
  • Classic Sabatier...Updated and Split-Toned, by Ed Buffaloe.
  • Confessions of a Photographic Omnivore, by Cor Breukel.
  • Dealing with Sheet Film.
  • Enlarged Negatives by Reversal, by Liam Lawless
  • Lith Film for continuous Tone, by Dave Soemarko
  • Looking for Drtikol & Drtikol Reprints.
  • Mixed Sabatier - photographs.
  • Sabatier! by Judy Seigel.
  • Number 3

  • Basic Guide to Metalchrome, by Nina Rizzo. (Mortensen’s mystery medium.)
  • Cachet Black Magic Variable Contrast Photographic Emulsion, report by Jesse Koechling.
  • Enlarged Negatives by Reversal, Part 2, The Calculated Flash, by Liam Lawless
  • Factory Paper Gets Toned, by Jonathan Bailey and Judy Seigel.
  • In the William Mortensen Archive, by Keith Schreiber.
  • Let there Be (Liquid) Light
  • Looking for William Mortensen.
  • Looking at Yesterday’s Photographs.
  • Making Gold Trichloride for Toning., by Liam Lawless.
  • Sarah Van Keuren... Not by Gum Alone.
  • Number 4

  • Beauty from Poison, or Creative Swords into Ploughshares, by Dallas Simpson.
  • Brush Sabatier, by Bernice Halpern Cutler.
  • Die Velt Ist Schoen.
  • Fun and Games with Blue Toner, by Liam Lawless.
  • How an Old Alternate-Process Printer from a Small Town in West Virginia Learned to Make a Daguerreotype, by Bob Schramm.
  • The Kinetic Tin Process, by Dallas Simpson.
  • Large Negs by Reversal, Part 3, by Liam Lawless.
  • The Mystery and Science of Pyro - Pyrocat-HD, by Sandy King.
  • Negative Constructions... Cliche Verre, by Peter Feldstein.
  • The Photographic Omnivore Makes Gold Chloride, by Cor Breukel
  • Pictorialist Paper Negatives.
  • RC to Lith Film
  • Waxed Paper Negatives.
  • Number 5

  • Bernice Halpern Cutler Builds Some Pinholes.
  • Build Your Own UV Printer, by Don Bryant.
  • Do-It-Yourself Printing Out Paper, by Liam Lawless
  • Galina Manikova by Galina Manikova.
  • Galina Manikova, Nordic-Russian Goddess.
  • John Dugdale - as chance would have it, the “boy next door,” by Judy Siegel.
  • Larry Gottheim & his Wild Blue Vernacular (Behold!)
  • Managing the Blues - Cyanotype
  • Meditation on Blue, by Catherine Rogers.
  • Mortensen, Newhall, coleman and Company, Revisited, by A.D. Coleman and Judy Siegel.
  • Rhapsodies in Blue - Cyanotype.
  • Saving Dimbola Lodge, the Idyll of Julia Margaret Cameron, by Cynthia Larson.
  • Toning Cyanotypes
  • Number 6

  • Bob’s Bromoil Express, by Bob Gumpper.
  • Casein Printing, by Lukas Werth.
  • Drama in Colloidial Silver Toning, Manotone, by Tony McLean.
  • The Gum Wars (What They Said, 1899-2001).
  • Jan van Dijk, Co-conspirator of the “Edele” Movement in the Netherlands.
  • Light Carpentry - UV lights.
  • Lyle Rexer, author of The Antiquarian Avant-Garde, interviewed by Jon Bailey.
  • Making a Large Negative Directly In-camera, by Cor Breukel.
  • Photography at the Border Between Science and Art, by Lukas Werth.
  • Serious One-Coat Gum Printing, by Judy Siegel.
  • William Mortensen: A Memoir, by Galen Coffman.
  • Further information at Rocky Mountain Photographer’s Forum, another great alt-process resource:  http://rmp.opusis.com/postfactory/postfactory.html

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