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Photographs by Chris Anderson


Photographs by Amy Holmes George

Photographs by Jim Bryant

The Gate

Photographs by Gustavo Castilla

Heliograph by Nicéphore Niépce

The First Photograph

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Links to Photographers

Mario Abbatepaolo - Luminous landscapes and seascapes.
Elizabeth Allen - Large format platinum work with a very antique look.
Jane Fulton Alt - Lovely fine art monochrome work.
Steve Anchell - This deservedly well known photographer offers galleries, workshops, and a print club..
Jerry Avenaim - Luscious landscapes, splendid nudes, and fine art celebrities.
Jonathan Bailey - Superb split-toned images, many made with a Diana camera.
Alistair Baird - Hand crafted fine art monochrome work, in both studio and landscape.
Billy Barnes - A widely published photographer in the documentary tradition.
Marco Barsanti - Landscapes and nudes from this Italian fine art photographer.
Marco Bianchi - Large format work in the fine art tradition.
Ray Bidegain - A photographic artist working in platinum-palladium.
Bipinchandra - A remarkably diverse freelance professional.
Lowell Boileau - The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit - this site proves documentary becomes art.
Dan Burkholder - The maestro of digital/platinum offers art and information for the digitally inclined.
Roy Caratozzolo - Freelance street photography from New York and New Jersey.
Raul Casal - Large format monochrome landscapes, cityscapes, and much more.
Gustavo Castilla - Exceptional monochrome, color, and alternative process work.
Antimo Cimino - Unique double or multiple exposure images.
William Corey - Photographs of Japanese gardens.
Caryn B. Davis - A great variety of creative work--portraiture, objects, design, photo essays and more.
Tanya Divjak - A remarkable body of work, well seen and well produced.
William Earle - Luminous fine art monochromes.
Scott Edwards - Well seen images of the American landscape.
Lloyd Erlick - A portraitist with a sense of humor who offers interesting and eclectic articles on photography.
José Miguel Ferreira - Fine art work of the highest quality.
Neil Folberg - Remarkable night landscapes of the Israeli Desert and Sinai.
Domenico Foschi - Monochrome work in the tradition of the masters.
Pepe Fuentes - A master of black and white’s summary of the past 20 years’ work.
Greg Gallagher - Fine art monochrome work in the classic tradition.
Amy George - Very unique silver, digital, and alt process work.
Stefano Germi - Excellent work from a large format monochrome photographer in Italy who also prints platinum.
Chris Groenhout - A man with a different camera for every photo, he does everything and writes useful articles too.
Stuart Haden - An exemplar of documentary work raised to the level of fine art.
Michael Harris - True fine art work in the classic black and white tradition.
Bob Herbst - Master photographer, platinum printer, and author offers fine prints, articles, workshops.
Catherine Heyman - A large, wonderful site of pinhole photographs and other eclectic work.
Steve Hopson - This Austin photographer who seems to specialize in the music scene also does fine art work.
Frank Horvat - “Photography is the art of not pushing the button.”
David Hoyt - A camera restoration expert, collector and fine art photographer.
Bob Hudak - Large format landscapes and abstract patterns from nature.  A master printer.
Robert Ivano - Fine art monochrome images.
Christopher James - Longtime teacher and photographer, author of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes.
Diane Kaye - Crisp, well-seen urban shots, people, and nudes.
Victor Korchenko - Remarkable monochrome photographs made for internal use only.
Herman Krieger - Black and white photo essays in the best tradition of documentary photography.
Norm La Coe - The finest platinum/palladium landscape nudes.
Brenda Ladd - Arguably Austin, Texas’ best portraitist, she has a unique vision in her fine art work as well.
Wayne Lambert - Classic platinum-palladium prints from Mexico and the Southwest.
Jane Linders - Eclectic fine art work in alternative processes.
Mark Lindsey - Sharp, clean monochromes and portraits.
Richard Littlewood - Beautiful, sometimes mysterious, work primarily shot in the Pennine uplands of England.
Diana M. Lott - An Austin photographer who shoots portraits, children, weddings, and musicians.
Tina Maas - Unique and unusual liquid emulsion over metal and wax photographs.
Billy Mabrey - Remarkable gum bichromate images, some in full color.
Farah Mahbub - A delightfully diverse website.
James Maher - Some of the best street photography I’ve ever seen.
Andrew Maidanik - Sophisticated monochrome, color, and digital work.
Rhea Malinofsky - Beautiful fine art black and white prints made the old fashioned way.
Russ Marshall - Really great urban documentary & fine art work from America’s industrial heartland.
Kathryn Watts-Martinez - Solar Images - Superb handmade argyrotypes.
Jonathan Mastrojohn - Artist and chemist Mastrojohn does landscape, still life, nude, and studio work.
Michael McCarthy - Photographic artist and printmaker working in silver and gum--landscape, travel, abstract.
Steve McElrath - Color, monochrome, platinum, cyanotype, and digital fine art work.
Pac McLaurin - Travel photos from all over the world, and palladium prints.
Tom Meyer - Fine monochrome and color work from a pro who works out of Israel and travels extensively.
Kenneth Meyers - Fine art 8x10 silver images in the West Coast tradition.
Peter Miller - Exquisite images from one of the few photographic artists working in photogravure (intaglio).
Wayne Miller - Be sure to look at his Fine Art and Infrared galleries.
Judith Monroe - Monochromes from nature, plus remarkable hand colored images and watercolors.
Frank Morris - Fine art nudes - large format monochrome and transfer prints.
Adrienne Moumin - Hand printed gelatin silver images and unique photo collages.
Matt Needham - Fine portraits and landscapes in black & white, and an interesting camera collection.
J. Palsa - Commercial and fine art platinum and collodion.
Tim Phillips Fine Art Photography - Monochrome landscapes, portraits, fine art nudes and erotica.
Rob Pietri - Some really nice, really eclectic black and white work done in large format.
Paul Politis - Great hard-edged black and white images - people, places, nudes, still lifes, & night photography.
Andrew Prokos New York Photos - skylines, cityscapes, panoramic views, architecture, and night scenes.
Andrea Quattrini - Lovely monochrome work in medium format from this Italian photographer.
Nicola Ranaldi - Milan based fashion and glamour photographer does beautiful monochrome work.
Richard Rollins - Monochrome work of the highest calibre.
Petra T. Růžičková - Fine art photography at its finest.
Tatsuya Sato - Stunning monochrome images from Japan.
J. Keith Schreiber - A platinum/palladium artist with galleries and technical information.
Pietrino Di Sebastiano - Remarkable landscapes and still lifes from this Italian fine art photographer.
Paul Shelasky - Great street photography, journal, and camera collection.
Steve Sherman - Well known master printer has switched from advertising to fine art black and white work.
Michael Smith & Paula Chamlee - Large format photographs, articles, and technical information.
George L. Smyth - Infrared, pinhole, and alternative process images and articles.
Andrew Stark - Gritty, quirky documentary images from the streets of Sydney, Australia.
Angelo Taibi - Fine art and alternative process work from an Italian photographer.
Ernie Theisen - A pictorialist master of bromoil transfer and other alternative processes.
Alan Thomas - Very eclectic images from this Chicago-based photographer and writer.
Peter Watson - Stunning landscape work--in colour, black & white, panoramic, platinum.
Matt Weber - Gritty black and white photographs from NYC, including some great night shots.
Melanie West - Austin- & Santa Fe-based photographer--monochrome fine art, portraits, and documentary.
Jeff White - Large format landscapes, still lifes, and color work - zone system articles, links, and more.
Wynn White - Truly exceptional, sensitive images by an American photographer in Japan.
Bernice Williams - Outstanding fine art work - Egypt, architectural photography, polaroid transfers, and more.
John Wimberley - Stunning large format work from the man who helped reinvent pyro.
Tony Wingo - Shapes and Shadows in black and white.


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