Unblinking Eye
The Zehna Pistol

Top:  Type I.  Slide inscription features the word “Zehna” in script, with “D.R.G.M. beneath”.  Front takedown-plate has cutouts on the side for grasping with fingernails.  Early Type I pistols had a chequered safety latch with a point on one side to hold the slide open.  Later Type I pistols had circular grooves on the safety latch and no point.  Type I pistols have a fire blue trigger and safety latch.

Middle:  Type II.  Slide length is reduced by about 1/10 inch (2.5mm).  Slide inscription in sans- serif capital letters, including “ZEHNA”D.R.P.a.E.ZEHNER, SUHL”.  Finger grooves on front plate are eliminated--there are now small serrations at top and bottom.  Type II pistols continue to have fire blue trigger and safety.

Bottom:  Type III.  Front plate at the front of the gun is eliminated.  Takedown is accomplished by turning a transverse pin 90 degrees.  Serial number is moved to the left side, proof marks to the right.

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by Ed Buffaloe.



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