Unblinking Eye
                                      7.65mm Mauser HSc

This photograph was provided by Mr. Ed Harris, who states:   It shoots well and feeds flatnosed SWC cast bullets reliably.  Target pictured was shot at 50 feet.  Handload used the 98-gr. Saeco #325 cast of wheelweights, sized to .312 and lubricated with Lee Liquid Alox.  Bullets are seated to the crimp groove and rounds taper crimped in a Lee Factory crimp die.  The FCD in .32 ACP is not a standard listing, but they will do these on special order and I highly recommend it for anyone serious about reloading for the .32 ACP.   A charge of 1.8 grs. of Bullseye gives  750 fps., making the little gun a semi-auto .32 S&W Long.

Copyright 2008
by Ed Harris.




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