Unblinking Eye
                           6.35mm Mauser 1914 Pocket Pistol

To Field Strip the 1910 Mauser:

  1. With the magazine in the gun, draw the slide back until it locks open.  Make sure the gun is unloaded.
  2. Press in the spring below the muzzle and twist the recoil spring guide to one side.  (The side-latch model did not have a spring.)
  3. Pull the recoil spring guide out the front of the pistol.
  4. Lift the barrel straight up and out of the frame.
  5. Holding the slide firmly, remove the magazine to release the slide catch.
  6. Carefully draw the slide off the front of the frame.
  7. The striker will be cocked and under considerable spring pressure.  Carefully lift the striker and spring free from engagement with the sear.
  8. The side plate may be eased upward out of the frame if necessary for lubrication or maintenance.  (The early side-latch model may have its side plate removed with the slide still on the frame.)

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by Ed Buffaloe.



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