Unblinking Eye

Holsters for the
1903 Colt Pocket “Hammerless” .32
and the
1908 Colt Pocket “Hammerless” .380

03Colt-IWB-RdBrn-C1-S 03Colt-IWB-RdBrn-C3-S 03Colt-IWB-RdBrn-C2-S

IWB Holster with swivel retention strap - cowhide lined with pigskin.
IWB offers the best concealment.

03Colt-PC-SS-Brn-B1S 03Colt-PC-SS-Brn-B2S

Deluxe Pancake-Style Belt Holster with Sweat Shield - cowhide lined with calfskin
Belt holsters offer rapid access to the gun.

Deluxe Flap Holster - horsehide lined with pigskin.
Intended for field carry in bad weather--covers and protects the gun.

03ColtCD-Blk-Red-01 03ColtCD-Blk-Red-02 03ColtCD-Blk-Red-03

Crossdraw Holster - cowhide lined with pigskin.
Intended for competition, but may be used for concealed carry in some circumstances.

03Colt-OWB-Brn-02 03Colt-OWB-Brn-03

Deluxe Belt Holster - cowhide lined with pigskin.
Intended for open carry.

03Colt-4in-Loop-Tan-C1 03Colt-4in-Loop-Tan-C2

Loop Holster with retention strap - unlined cowhide.
Intended for field carry - fits any size belt.

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