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Handmade Holsters
by Ed Buffaloe

I specialize in inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters for classic guns.  I also make a few IWB holsters for common concealed carry pistols and revolvers, and a few pancake holsters for very small guns.  All my holsters are handmade, double-stitched by hand, and generally more expensive than machine-made holsters.  But you get what you pay for.  Since each holster is individually hand crafted, what you buy may differ slightly from the photos below.

I make holsters almost exclusively in horsehide.  I use calfskin or goat kid to line some holsters, in an attempt to reduce wear on the finish of the gun, but I make no guarantee about the efficacy of linings in holsters.

Quality Holsters
Made in America

I make holsters to fit the following guns:
  • Charter Arms .44 Bulldog w/ 3 inch barrel - IWB holster only
  • SIG P-238 - IWB holster
  • Kimber K6S - IWB holster
  • Kimber Solo Carry - IWB holster
  • Ruger LCP - IWB holster
  • Ruger LC9 - IWB holster
  • Seecamp .32 or .380 - pancake belt holster
  • Smith & Wesson J-frame (Model 36 or 37, 1.75, 2.125 or 3 inch barrel) - IWB holster
  • Smith & Wesson J-frame (Model 60, 3 inch barrel) - IWB holster

Holsters for Classics:

  • 1900 FN Browning -  IWB holster
  • 1900 Colt .38 Auto - IWB or deluxe belt holster

    1902 Colt .38 Auto Sporting or Military - IWB or deluxe belt holster
  • 1903 Colt .38 Auto Pocket Model - IWB or deluxe belt holster
  • 1903/1908 Colt Pocket Hammerless (.32 or .380) - IWB, deluxe belt, crossdraw, or loop holster
  • 1905 Colt .45 Auto - IWB or deluxe belt holster
  • 1907 Savage .32 Auto - IWB holster
  • 1910 FN Browning .32/.380 - IWB holster
  • 1922 FN Browning .32/.380 - IWB holster
  • Colt Agent, Cobra, Detective Special, Commando Spec., new or old style - IWB
  • FN Browning 1906 or Colt 1908 Vest Pocket .25 - pancake belt, or pocket holster
  • Baby Browning, PSP, PSA, or Bauer .25 Auto - pancake belt, or pocket holster
  • Beretta .25 caliber Model 318, 418 - pancake belt or pocket holster
  • Makarov - IWB holster
  • Orgties .32 or .380 - IWB holster
  • Remington 51 - IWB holster
  • Rossi 720 - IWB holster
  • J.P. Sauer Model 1913, Model 1930, Behorden - IWB holster
  • Sauer 38H - IWB holster

All holsters are made to order.  Shipping for small holsters in the U.S. is $7.90 and subject to change over time.  Overseas shipping usually runs about $35.  I accept PayPal, cashier's checks, and money orders.  I do not accept personal checks.  Generally I prefer to make the holster first, then send the customer photographs, then accept payment.  I require prepayment in the case of left-hand holsters or any holster that might be difficult to sell otherwise.

E-mail me for pricing and other questions:  ed@unblinkingeye.com.

Some Observations on Holsters for Concealed Carry


Latest Offerings:

IWB Holster

for the

Kimber SOLO Carry

with sweat shield


Kimber  K6S  IWB    -    Horsehide   -   with Swivel Retention Strap

03Colt-IWB-Brn-MC1 03Colt-IWB-Brn-MC2

IWB Holster with swivel strap  for 1903 Colt .32 or 1908 Colt .380 - Horsehide lined with calfskin or goat kid.  IWB is generally considered the best way to conceal a gun.

 Charter Arms .44 Bulldog
IWB - Horsehide

OWB Crossdraw Holster for 1903 or 1908 Colt - lined with calf or goat - Intended for competition, but may also be used for concealed carry in some circumstances.


 1903/1908 Colt
Deluxe Belt Holster

Custom Belt Holster for a 1903 Colt .38 Pocket Model

2-1/8” Barrel S&W J-Frame Mod 60
IWB holster w/ Swivel Strap


IWB Holster for Remington 51


Compact Belt Holster to fit
the Seecamp Pistol

1908 Colt .25 Pocket Holster

Colt-Mustang-IWB-Brn-L1 Colt-Mustang-IWB-Brn-L2

Colt Mustang IWB - Horsehide w/ Sweat Shield

IWB Holster for SIG P238

03Colt-4in-Loop-Tan-C1 03Colt-4in-Loop-Tan-C2 03Colt-Loop-Brn-VP1

1903/1908 Colt Loop Holster with retention strap - unlined cowhide.
Intended for field carry - fits any size belt.


1908 Colt Pancake-Style Belt Holster - Cowhide lined with Goat Kid
Handmade holsters provide a superior fit.

05Colt-DlxBlt-Brn-RD1 05Colt-DlxBlt-Brn-RD2 05Colt-DlxBlt-Brn-RD3

 1905 Colt .45 Deluxe Belt Holster - Horsehide Lined with Goat Kid

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