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                                  Precision Digital Negatives

Precision Digital Negatives for
Silver and Other Alternative
Photographic Processes

an e-book by Mark Nelson

Includes book in .pdf format,
curve calculating software and image palettes

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Book Description

Precision Digital Negatives for Silver & Other Alternative Photographic Processes is an illustrated eBook that provides a wealth of information about how to fabricate digital negatives for contact printing with gelatin silver and any alternative photographic process.

The book describes an ingenious new method—Color Density Range Control (patent pending.) Color Density Range Control is a method of matching the density range of the digital negative precisely to the exposure scale of any process and/or contrast mix—before applying a Process Adjustment Curve. Thus the required adjustment curve is much less drastic and more image tones are preserved.

The book takes you through image capture with scanner or digital camera, image file preparation, calibration, creating digital negatives with any output device, evaluation of the print, and troubleshooting problems with negatives and/or the alternative processes. The book provides an understanding of how digital negatives really work and why they sometimes fail.

The CDROM contains the book, Curve Calculator software, and a variety of image files, or Palettes designed to make calibration with this new method as simple as possible. All you need is a computer, printer, scanner or densitometer, Photoshop™, Microsoft Excel™, a standard step tablet, and the desire to make the best possible digital negatives tailored to your workflow.

Chapter Titles

Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Digital Basics
Chapter III: Digital Image Capture
Chapter IV: Digital Image Preparation
Chapter V: The Precision Digital Negatives Process
Chapter VI: Alternative Photographic Processes and Digital Negatives
Chapter VII: Inkjet Negatives
Chapter VIII: Laser and LED Negatives
Chapter IX: Imagesetter Negatives
Chapter X: Output Devices Compared
Chapter XI: Calibration—Variables To Consider
Chapter XII: Overview of the Calibration Process
Chapter XIII: Calibration—Step Tablets & Palettes
Chapter XIV: Calibration—Determining The Standard Printing Time
Chapter XV: Calibration—Determining the Negative Density Range
Chapter XVI: Calibration—Determining The Custom Process Adjustment Curve for a Linearized Print
Chapter XVII: Making a Digital Negative and a Print
Chapter XVIII: Evaluating the Print
Chapter XIX: Chemistry or Curve–When to Use One, the Other, or Both
Chapter XX: The Future
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B:  Suggested Reading
Appendix C:  Resources
Appendix D:  Links

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