Unblinking Eye
Helper tray

Figure 7.  A “helper tray” made of cast acrylic sheet used for developing wet collodion plates.  This example has a small layer of double thickness glued to the right edge.  This provides for a shelf approximately level with the upper surface of the glass and allows developer solution to flow more evenly onto the plate.  Constructing this tray about an inch wider than the plate allows for tilting the tray slightly to form a temporary reservoir for the solution.  The edge of the additional acrylic strip keeps the glass in place.  Tilting the tray abruptly to the left allows the solution to quickly and evenly cover the glass plate.  Hardened glue can be seen irregularly spread around the upper surface of the tray in order to facilitate breaking the surface tension between tray and glass when removing the plate.  The hole drilled in the center of the plate area allows a finger to push upward and help lift the plate from the tray for removal.

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