Unblinking Eye
Developing Times for Macophot 820 IR

Eric Verheul’s Recommendation for Macophot 820 IR





E. I.



13 m

75 F


Comments:  1 min presoak to get rid of the antihalation backing.  Agitation a la Gordon Huchings, every 15 seconds.  I use Kodak’s rapid fix but I don't use the hardener.   I've been experimenting with maco 820 as a replacement for HEI.  I’ve been using 120 format so I can bracket like hell.  This is with an 87 filter.  I set my spot meter to an iso of 3 (that's as slow as it will go), meter the shadows that I want in zone 3, and actually have to either open it up a stop, or increase exposure time by a stop.  So the speed I use is actually 3 stops slower than IE of 3.  I get a nice effect with this combo...haven’t done any testing for n+1 or n-1.  Under tungsten light without a filter (same process as above for development) I get an EI of 50 (incident reading).

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