Unblinking Eye


by Ed Buffaloe

Setup:  8x10 inch view camera with a .0135 inch pinhole and a 7 inch bellows extension--for an approximate aperture of f/512.  Exposure time was 115 seconds.

Developer:  Pyrocat-HD, utilizing a 100% solution of potassium carbonate for stock solution B.  I used Mr. King’s standard 1:1:100 dilution.

Film:  8x10 Format TMX 100 rated at IE 100
Test Developing time:  21 minutes.
Temperature:  78.

Technique:  Semi-stand development:  2 minute presoak, agitation for one minute at beginning of development, then again for 1 minute in the middle, water stop bath for one minute, fix for three minutes in rapid fix, followed by three minutes in a 2% solution of PermaWash and a final wash in running water for 10 minutes.  Both negatives were developed by inspection.

Preliminary results:  One negative was developed in PMK (left, below) and the other in Pyrocat-HD (right, below).  Each was given exactly the same development time and agitation method.  Surprisingly, there was no uneven development in the PMK negative.  The stain on the PMK negative is much more green than that of the Pyrocat negative, which appears brown to the naked eye.  The two negatives were both printed on Ilford Multigrade warm and were given identical exposures.  There may be a tad more shadow detail in the print from the Pyrocat negative, which could be attributable to camera angle or changes in light conditions--otherwise they are virtually indistinguishable.  Pyrocat-HD is clearly an excellent substitute for PMK.


Developed in PMK.
Printed on Ilford MG Warm


Developed in Pyrocat-HD
Printed on Ilford MG Warm

These  two pinhole negatives print nearly identically. 

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