Unblinking Eye
Divided D-23

Photographs by Joseph D. Lipka
Copyright 2001, All rights reserved

Copyright 2001 Joseph D. Lipka

Front Porch Rockers, Academy Street
Some would have us believe that beauty cannot be found in everyday places.  That the only route to beauty is the road less traveled to an exotic location.  One does not have to take the road less traveled.  One may take the more traveled road, but at a leisurely pace.  Instead of driving by quickly, walk slowly and see Rocking Chairs wait patiently for their occupants.

“No matter how well forms are arranged, the ultimate factor that determines the success of a photograph is light.  The use of light transforms the photograph from a visual to an emotional experience.   We not only see what the photographer saw, but experience the photographer's feelings at the instant of exposure.”     --Joseph D. Lipka

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