Unblinking Eye
The Zehna Pistol
  1. (Left)  Prototype Zehna pistol.  Front plate extends below front of frame (similar to Mauser Pocket Pistol) and has a short round peg beneath the recoil spring guide rod.  Wide top groove.
  2. (2nd from Left)  Type I.  Front plate extends upward, has a round peg that fits into a hole just beneath the barrel, and has cutouts on the side for the fingernails to grasp.  Wide top groove
  3. (3rd from Left)  Type II.  Front plate has a tongue shaped projection at the top that fits into a transverse slot beneath the barrel, and has serrations at top and bottom.  Narrow top groove.
  4. (Right)  Type III.  Front plate is eliminated altogether.  Narrow top groove.

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by Ed Buffaloe.



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