Unblinking Eye

Antonin Vilímec began producing the Slavia pistol in the Bohemian town of Kdyne in late 1920 or early 1921.  The gun is a simplified copy of the Browning-designed Colt 1908.  Vilímec eliminated the grip safety in the Browning design.  By 1931 serial numbers were in the 70,000 range, but R.J. Berger doubts that many were actually produced (Know Your Czechoslovakian Pistols, p. 86).  In 1935 the company was taken over by Posumavska Zbrojovka Kohout & Spol., also of Kdyne, and the name of the pistol was changed to MARS.  Later, the MARS pistol was copied as the DUO, and later still as the Z.

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