Unblinking Eye
The Schouboe Pistol
Drawing by Roger Marsh from 1907 Schouboe Pamphle

Drawing by Roger Marsh based on a Schouboe pamphlet of 1907, showing an external view of the Schouboe. I am referring to this as a Type II pistol. It is often referred to as a Model 1907, except that many guns with similar characteristics are likely much earlier. My definition of the Type II is that is has a hammer strut that extends through the magazine release, which also indicates that internally it has a helical hammer spring. Type II pistols have a slide that extends to the front of the frame with an ejection port on the right side. This is clearly an artist’s rendering, and is likely a composite of  several guns that Schouboe had created. Note that there is a cut in the rear edge of the slide—this cut appears only on guns with a safety that is mounted lower and swings up to lock the slide at the front of this cut. Actual examples of Schouboe pistols with the safety lever shown do not have this cut in the slide.



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