Unblinking Eye
Remington 51 Prototypes

Serial Number PA 23
It is unusual to see the 380 CAL designation on this barrel.  A lot of barrels in the early production guns had two notches, even though the cartridge guide lug had been eliminated from the production guns.  This indicates that Remington had already made a lot of barrels before they finalized the breech block design.  But the 380 CAL designation was not thought to have been used until .32 production began in 1921.  This is the only prototype to have the caliber designation on the barrel--even the .32 prototype does not have it.  Yet this barrel has two notches.  There is another late prototype, S/N 545, in the Wells Fargo Museum, that has all the characteristics of this gun, except it does not have the .380 CAL designation on the barrel.

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by Ed Buffaloe.



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