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I wanted to have something on my website about cleaning and lubricating pistols, because a great many shooters do not clean and lubricate their pistols properly.  However, I didn’t necessarily want to write it myself, so the simplest thing for me to do was to provide links to the best information I can find on the web.  Most of these links will lead you to other links, and you can read as much or as little as you like.

Cleaning & Lubrication Links

Proper Lubrication of Your Pistol and Revolver
How to Clean Your Pistol
How to Clean a Revolver
Field Cleaning a Ruger P-90
Cleaning and Lubricating a Revolver
Video on Cleaning a Glock 19
Video on Lubricating a Glock 19
Video on Cleaning a 1911 Government Model

Product Tests & Opinions

In-Depth Details on Various Lubricants and Cleaners
Review of Militec-1
Review of Muscle Corp. Lubes
Review of Tetra Gun Lubricants
Review of Clenzoil
Review of Answer Products Gun Cleaning Kit
Rust Preventatives for Firearms
Knowing the Limits of Rust Preventatives
Forum on Best Gun Lubricant
Forum: Advice on Pistol Lubricant

Products I Use*

G96 Gun Treatment
Hoppe’s 9 Powder Solvent
Hoppe’s 9 Copper Solvent
Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner
Shooter’s Choice Lead Remover
Militec-TW25B Grease
Tetra Gun Grease
Hoppe’s 9 Moly Oil
Machine Gunner’s Lube
KG-6 Bore Prep

*I’m not endorsing anything.  But if you need to
 start somewhere, this stuff works for me.

Colt 1907 Army Contract, serial number 20 (one of 205 made).

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