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How to Make a Cowboy Holster
by Ed Buffaloe

I’ve been making holsters for a couple of years now.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’d like to share what I have learned because when I set out to teach myself holster making there was hardly any information on the internet.  I had to locate books with the information I needed.  My previous articles on Leatherworking Tools and How to Make a Simple Belt Holster give you the basic information you need to get started.  This photo article is a continuation of those first two, and if you don’t know anything about leather work you should read the other articles first.

The most useful book I’ve found on holster making is available from Tandy Leather.  It is Al Stohlman’s How to Make Holsters.  He explains how to make holsters from scratch, but also gives patterns for a number of popular guns.  Will Ghormley sells a collection of holster patterns called the Old West Collection, which I highly recommend.  I also found a book called Old West Antiques & Collectables which has a lengthy chapter on antique holsters and many photographs of genuine old West holsters.  It is definitely worth having.

Click on the photo below to get started.

Cimarron SAA w/ 7-1/2" barrel

Cimarron .45 SAA with 7-1/2” Barrel

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