Unblinking Eye
The Browning 1910 and the Bufalo
Browning 1910 and Bufalo, Left Side

Note that Gabilando moved the safety lever on the Bufalo up above the trigger.  This locks the trigger but not the sear.  The Browning grip safety engages the Browning patented disconnector and prevents the trigger from being pulled.  The manual safety lever on the Browning locks the grip safety so it cannot be disengaged and also prevents the slide from being drawn back.  The magazine safety likewise locks the grip safety--the gun cannot be cocked or fired without a magazine.  The Bufalo manual safey locks the transfer bar from the trigger to the sear, and locks the slide, but does not disengage the disconnector or the grip safety.  The grip safety on the Bufalo locks the hammer.  Removing the magazine engages the grip safety.  The Bufalo’s grip safety was patented in Spain in 1919.  

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