Unblinking Eye
02 Military Model in Mexican Revolution

I found this photograph in an exhibition of images from the Mexican Revolution in Campeche, Mexico.  It was labeled as follows:  “Herculano de la Rodia y Clara Rodia de Peña.  Familia minera de Durango que se alsó en contra de la dictadura, 1911.”  The photographer was listed as unidentified.
Click the photo for a closeup of the holster.

In further research I located this same photograph on page 41 of a book entitled Photographing the Mexican Revolution: Commitments, Testimonies, Icons, by John Mraz, which labels it as “Herculano de la Rodia and his daughter, Clara Rodia de Pena, rich miners from Durango who joined the Maderista revolt, 1911.”  It is also published in other locations on the web.



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