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The 1908 Pieper Bayard Magazine Variants

779-EarlyMagR-S 780-EarlyMagF-S 778-EarlyMagL-S

This early magazine (from SN 2624) has four slots in each side for viewing cartridges
and a fingernail slot at the front to aid in removal.  It is unmarked.

LateMag-HighSlotR-M1 LateMag-HighSlotL-M

A later magazine with four holes in each side and a fingernail slot placed a couple of millimeters from the base.  It is marked with the caliber designation.  Serial number unknown.

LateNoSlotR2-M1 LateNoSlotL3-M1

A later magazine with four holes in each side and no fingernail slot.
Serial number unknown.


A pair of later .380 magazines from SN 74213.  On the right is the extended magazine which held an additional two cartridges.  Neither has a fingernail slot.  The extended magazine was an accessory that could be purchased separately.  They are extremely rare today.
From the John R. James collection.


A .25 caliber magazine from SN 33292.  It has four holes in each side and no fingernail slot on the front and is marked CAL. 6.35.


A .32 caliber extended magazine from SN 3038 with six slots for
viewing cartridges and the proper finger-hold at the bottom.
From the C.L. Webb collection.

The author would welcome photographs of other magazine variants.
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