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Sales, Parts, & Supplies

Auction Arms - Buy and sell firearms in an auction format.
Brownells - The leading supplier of firearm accessories, parts, and tools.
GunsAmerica - Buy and sell firearms in a classified ad format.
GunBroker.Com - Buy and sell firearms in an auction format.
Horst Held Antique Handguns - Collectible small arms.
Jack First - Makes a lot of replacement parts for old guns.
KeepShooting.Com - Firearms, accessories, ammo, military surplus, etc.
Marstar Canada - Classic Collectibles, parts and accessories.
N.C. Ordnance - Reproduction gun grips.
Numrich Gun Parts Corporation - Large selection of current and obsolete gun parts.
Poppert’s Gun Parts - Manufacturer and distributor of parts.
Triple-K - Manufactures and sells gunleather, replacement magazines, and grips.
Vaquero Gunleather - Holsters, cowboy rigs, accessories.
Waffen-Versand.eu - Parts for old German and European guns
Wolff Springs - All kinds of gun springs.

Blogs, Forums, Training, Information

Armed America - Portraits of gun owners in their homes.
Of Arms and the Law - Good blog & sound information on legal history of 2nd amendment.
The Cartridge Collector’s Exchange
C&R (Cruffler) - Dedicated to the firearms historian, collector, and enthusiast.
Cornered Cat - A female perspective on gun ownership, safety, gear, etc.
Democratic Underground Gun Forum.
DownRange.TV - Educational and informational gun videos.
Front Sight - Top notch firearms training in Nevada.
GunBlast.Com - Articles and more.
GunBoards.Com - Jan C. Still’s forums - one of the best sites for collectors.
Gun News Daily - News and information related to guns.
The High Road - One of the best gun forums.
Kel-Tec Owner’s Group - Great site for Kel-Tec enthusiasts.
KR Training - Karl Rehn offers basic to advanced tactical training in Central Texas.
Pocket Guns and Gear - Gun reviews, ammunition tests, & more.
NotPurfect - An excellent general resource on guns of all sorts.

Collections and Collector Sites

American Firearms
Gothia Arms Historical Society
Historia de las Armas de Fuego
Manowar’s Hungarian Weapons & History
Museo de la Industria Armera (Arms Industry Museum of Eibar)
Photos d’Armes de Collection (LittleGun.Be)
Star Firearms
The Vestpocket Pistol Collector

First Model Lady Smith .22

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